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05/15/2012 5:09am

love the site. I was in a pub called the Cocked Hat in gosport and had their burger challange which conists of 2 x 12 oz burgers 2 x chicken breasts, chilli, cheese and 1/2 dozen onion rings. of coarse it had the obligatory 1/2 ton of chips. Managed to finish it but felt like an over inflated beach ball afterwards. I was in so much pain i asked the wife if that was how child birth felt!! Anyway it was long enough ago that i have forgotten what a stupid idea it was and am looking to organise a challenge for myself and a couple of friends in hampshire, to give us something to look forward this summer. Any recommendations?

05/15/2012 5:39am

Hi and welcome to the site.

There are a few known challenges around your area,

There is MacMillans bar near Worthing for big steaks, Big Earnie's at South Sea for there 24OZ burger which is free if completed or the Orange Rooms in Southampton for their 1lb burger with a T Shirt if you manage it...
Let me know how you get on

06/16/2012 12:50pm

We have a Yankee Challenge at Lle Hari in Llanrwst that's pretty fun. Check out the photos on our Facebook page, Lle Hari.

06/30/2012 8:17am

Thanks for getting in touch Nelson, ive added you to the list and the UK Map.
Keep up the good work..

07/11/2012 10:17am

Great website! I have been looking for ages for something similar. Please carry on with this great work! Here is my contribution: there is calzone contest in a pizzeria called "Amici" on Holloway Road, London. They cook a massive calzone (spectacular to see, too), and if you eat it all, they offer coffee and dessert. Considering that it costs just £9.75, and that it's pretty good, it is definitely worth it even if you don't like challenges. And, yes, I tried and failed, but in my defence, I was totally unprepared ^_^

08/04/2012 7:46am


I own Custom House in Barnstaple, Devon. We are currently running the Totem Burger Challenge!! It consists of a 2.5lb stacked burger and 4lb portion of chili cheese fries! Details are on the website we’d love to be added to your site?


Fatt Matt

Custom House
9 the Strand,
EX31 1EU

01271 322143

08/04/2012 9:09am


Thanks for this. It's very important that I get as much feedback as possible so it's get to here from you,
I'll be adding you guys to the list sometime next week.
Thanks again

08/26/2012 7:55am

I love this blog layout, which template is it?

09/16/2012 11:13am

The Old Queens Head
(According to Google: 97 Foregate Street, City Centre, Chester CH1 1HE 01244 354070)

The Epic Burger

3x 6oz beef burgers, 1x 4Oz Chicken Burger, 3 onion rings, 6 rashers of bacon, cheese and tomato - and a side of chips.

Free to those who eat in 15 minutes, £12.95 to those that don't


I don't have a working data cable at the moment but I've got a pic on my phone of the flyer in the pub which has the burger shown - the burger is stacked so not a lot of bread

09/16/2012 11:14am

And in addition to the above, to my knowledge they serve food 7 days but only till 5pm.

10/16/2013 2:46am

Nicely done. Great job. Thanx.


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